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City Savings Bank


This is City Savings Bank, the thrift bank that is financially secure and focused on its customers.
From its inception 44 years ago, CitySavings was envisioned to provide financial services to people of moderate means. It began its business with a mission to serve the ordinary working men and women in the area where it operates.
Today, CitySavings, the thrift bank of Aboitiz Equity Ventures continues with this vision with a dedicated focus on providing more convenience and better service to its customers recognizing the advancement of technologies and the changing expectations of its customers.
From one branch built in 1966, the bank now has 32 branches and extension offices all over the country. It has over 300 employees, a stockholders equity of over P1.0B and a total resources of over P 9.0B, many times doubled over the initial capital when the bank started. It has increased its clientele base to more than 99,000 borrowers from 3,568 while depositors’ base has reached to over 59,000 from only 2,735 since it began its business.
The Bank remains among the most stable thrift banks in the country. It has one of the best operating efficiencies in the thrift banking industry, lowest non-performing loans and highest capitalization levels. The bank’s basic philosophy of providing excellent banking service, while treating each customer as a family member has stayed the same.
Moving forward, CitySavings will continue its expansion in areas where it can better serve its identified market niches.

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