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Pilmico announces 2011 Bakery Training Schedule
Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pilmico will be offering three bakery training sessions this year as part of its commitment to provide excellent customer service and partners for growth.

All Pilmico dealers, bakers and bakery owners are invited to take part in any of the two-week sessions that will run from Feb. 6 to 19.  The other sessions will be held on May 10 to 21 and on July 12 to 23.

Short courses will also be offered to Pilmico bakers and bakery owners who want to learn how to bake specific products. Breads courses will be offered on March 10 to 12; cake courses on April 14 to 16; all about cookies on June 9 to 10; steamed buns and noodles on Aug. 11 to 13, and pizza making on Nov. 10 to 12.

The training program includes both practical and technical lessons from bakery management to bakery mathematics. It is not a recipe-guided program.  It will be facilitated by well-experienced Pilmico technicians who have undergone advance bakery training at the American Institute of Baking in Kansas, U.S.A and UFM Baking School in Bangkok, Thailand.

Participants on all courses will receive practical hands-on training and theoretical concepts of the products. Planning, preparation, hygiene and safety will also be covered. Participants are guaranteed to manage themselves in an actual baking environment after the training.

For more details about the training, interested applicants may email Pilmico at customer_first@pilmico.com, or inquire from any Pilmico dealer or distributor.